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Board of Directors

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Mr Chhorn has strong connection with the Cambodian Government and foreign investors, and his reputation has been carried beyond the border of Cambodia.



Dr. Bo Ming Lu

He is an agarwood expert, cultural scholar, fragrance expert, traditional incense culture promoter and agarwood appraiser. His current position is director of Fragrance Cultural Research Institute.

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Leo Chan

Having attained a Bachelor degree in Accounting and Finance from the University of London, Mr Chan has worked in Societe Generale Hong Kong as a Financial Controller.

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Yao Xin Lin

Over 20 years Agarwood Farming Experience; as known as "King of Agarwood",; Passionate about agarwood treament; Plant over 500,000 Agarwoof trees in China.

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Dr. Chi Ho Fung

He is an Oud oil extraction expert and Professor. Dr Fung has been involved in the field and teaching of it for over 10 years, and is hightly experienced in extraction of various ingredients.

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Dr. Zhihao Feng

He is an agarwood Refinement Technology and Equiptment Invention Expert. He has won the People’s Republic of China Science and Technology Achievement Award multiple times, and has obtained more than 20 national invention patents.

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