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Biotechnology Sector

Using proven biotechnology and results, JCE, in conjunction with the patented fungal technology of the University in America as well as Chinese Bio Technology experts can shorten the cycle and increase the proportion of aroma, providing exquisite raw materials for pharmaceutical manufacturing, cosmetics, religious supplies, aromatherapy, and other industries. JCE own Research and Development team has developed a new liquid form inoculation technology.

The company has signed long-term cooperation agreements with many world-renowned five-star hotels to supply with high-grade agarwood and essential oil products.


Meanwhile, the company has established a joint venture with a well-known real estate developer in China, and have planted a lot of agarwood trees in Hainan Island and along the coast of Guangdong, committing to develop agarwood products and technology.

Infrastructure and Real Estate Sector

Since 2012, JCE has been involved in several land development, real estate construction and large-scale infrastructure projects in Cambodia. In order to develop more infrastructure projects in ASEAN countries, a joint venture was established with a large local partner in 2015. The company has already stocked more than 500 hectares of land, covering residential, hotel resorts, theme parks, golf courses, special economic development zones, etc.  


The company will continue to cooperate with well-known real estate developers from Hong Kong and mainland China to develop high-end real estate, by providing high-quality office, residential and related commercial facilities for global investors.


JCE plans to build a new industrial park integrating technology and finance. The park will strive to become an ASEAN open park, a Cambodian intellectual property pilot park, a Cambodian high-level talent innovation and entrepreneurship base, and a national cultural and technological integration demonstration base.

Financial Sector

As a promoter and platform for the development of Cambodia's technology finance business, JCE has successfully developed asset management company will take advantages of financial support and strong local business networks to assist enterprises from all over the world to invest and finance in Cambodia. In cooperation with the platform, we will provide corporate consulting services to help companies take root in Cambodia and develop rapidly, even list on the Cambodian market.

Smart City

JCE's new smart city is based on the full-time service for the people, the efficient and orderly urban governance, the open and inclusive sharing of data, the green development of economic development, and the cyberspace security. The main goal is to promote the new generation through system planning, information-led, reform and innovation.

The deep integration of information technology and urban modernization, iterative evolution, and the realization of a new ecology of coordinated development of the country and the city.

Enterprise Consulting Services

JCE Corporate Consulting Services aim to assist clients in setting up a company in Cambodia by providing professional services in legal, financial and taxation. The company has been deeply rooted in Cambodia for many years, and developed a strong business and network.


JCE also has good interaction with government agencies to provide customers with professional business decision-making solutions to improve customer’s understanding of the new economic environment.

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